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Having your braces removed can be an exciting experience because you get to enjoy your new winning smile. However, there are still additional measures needed to maintain your smile and hold your teeth in their new positions. You see, there will still be some residual tension in the periodontal ligaments that are anchoring your teeth into your gums. To prevent the teeth from moving, your orthodontist, Dr. Ben McDowell, will fit you for a retainer in Payson, Arizona.

You will need to wear the retainer during the prescribed times. As time goes on, your orthodontist might adjust this schedule. Failing to follow it precisely could result in your teeth coming slightly out of their ideal alignment.

There are three different types of retainer options that your orthodontist might recommend for you.

A Hawley-style retainer is the most common type of retainer we recommend. It is essentially a thin, tongue-shaped piece of acrylic that is custom fit to the shape of your mouth. The retainer is secured in your mouth by a set of wires that lock into specific teeth.

A clear, plastic retainer might be called for if you only needed braces for a short period of time and your smile only required minor realignment. The clear, plastic material makes it hard for the casual observer to even notice you’re wearing a retainer.

If your braces were needed to provide a significant amount of adjustment, the orthodontist might recommend installing a fixed retainer. This is basically a durable wire retainer that is cemented in place behind your teeth. It could also be the case that a fixed retainer is cemented behind your front lower teeth while you use a Hawley retainer for your upper teeth.

If you are due to have braces removed soon and you have questions about what type of retainer you’ll need, you can call Payson Orthodontics at 928-472-7223 for a consultation.