Why Choose Us?

Our goal at Payson Orthodontics is to make you smile. To do so, our orthodontist offers some of the latest technology in orthodontics and braces in order to give you a great orthodontic experience. We also schedule appointments according to what fits your schedule, and given that Dr. Ben McDowell uses some of the most advanced types of braces in the field, we are able to increase time between appointments and decrease the overall treatment time.

Our orthodontist in Payson, Arizona, recognizes that each of our patients are individuals who deserve to receive personalized attention and customized treatment. During your free consultation, we will discuss your desires, circumstances, and needs in order to find a unique solution that suits your lifestyle. We will take into account your facial structure, mouth, and the best location for each tooth to move into during your treatment. You will soon find that your orthodontic treatment is different from that of our other patients.

Unlike some offices that put on braces, our team at Payson Orthodontics believes that orthodontics is so much more than just having straight teeth. We will go above and beyond when serving the patients in our community to make sure that their bite fits well and their smile maximizes facial aesthetics. We will take the time to analyze your mouth and facial structure in order to enhance your smile’s health and appearance. We promise to do so much more than merely straighten your teeth.