Limited & Express Orthodontics

If you only have a few teeth out of alignment, then we invite you to visit Payson Orthodontics for our limited and express orthodontic treatment. Dr. Ben McDowell will be able to more quickly move these teeth at a lower cost than traditional straightening procedures. Contact our orthodontist today if you want to learn more about our limited and express orthodontics in Payson, Arizona.

A limited, or express, orthodontic treatment is used to align only certain areas of the mouth. For example, if the back teeth are in a good position but the front teeth are crooked, then we will use an orthodontic appliance designed to move only the front teeth. Limited orthodontics are often used if you had braces while you were young but didn’t keep up on retainer wear. We also use limited orthodontics if we need to move teeth to prepare for the placement of implants, bridges, and other dental restorations.

There are many benefits to our limited orthodontic service. For one, treatment time and cost is usually much lower than comprehensive (or full) orthodontics. Additionally, having localized orthodontia can make the treatment more comfortable for patients than a full treatment. In fact, we often use the smooth aligners of Invisalign® or the hidden Incognito™ braces for limited orthodontics. If you would like to learn more about this service, then call our practice today.