Adult Orthodontics

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, then visit our office for adult orthodontics in Payson, Arizona. Patients of all ages can come and see our orthodontist to have their teeth aligned into a healthy, beautiful position. Adult orthodontics is the fastest growing subspecialty within orthodontics today. In fact, 22% of all patients being treated are adults and the number of adults undergoing orthodontics has nearly doubled over the last 20 years. Significant improvements in orthodontics are occurring every year, resulting in increased comfort of orthodontic treatment with high-tech wires that produce incredibly light forces on the teeth (treatment is nothing like what you remember your friends going through), dramatic increases in aesthetic options during orthodontic treatment, (see Incognito™, Invisalign®, and clear braces), and an increased understanding of how orthodontic treatment can positively aid in other dental treatments.

The main difference between adults and adolescents undergoing treatment is that adults are no longer growing. This does produce some limitations on what can be accomplished, as growth can no longer be modified and teeth may move a little slower than they do in kids. Adults also tend to have teeth that have had more wear and damage due to an increased amount of time with that malocclusion. However, Dr. Ben McDowell will create a unique solution to treat every individual to obtain the best possible facial, dental, and functional result. Often, this will involve teaming with your general dentist to restore the teeth back to their original shape to maximize the aesthetics of your smile. Don’t let another day pass covering up and hiding the charm your true smile can and will display. Call Payson Orthodontics to request your free consultation with our orthodontist!