Patient Education

We want our patients to have great experiences at Payson Orthodontics, which is why we keep information about braces on our site. Dr. Ben McDowell offers this resource so you can learn more about how to care for your braces and what to expect during treatment. Contact our orthodontist in Payson, Arizona, if you have any questions about the information presented below:

Caring For Your Braces

Our orthodontist, Dr. Ben McDowell, knows how important it is for our patients to understand how to properly care for their braces. By regularly cleaning your orthodontia, your mouth will stay cleaner and healthier throughout a straightening treatment. Contact Payson Orthodontics if you want to learn more about how to care for your braces in Payson, Arizona.



Orthodontic FAQs

What are the benefits of having braces?

One of the most obvious benefits of receiving orthodontics in Payson, Arizona, is having a straight, beautiful smile. This smile can help you feel more confident and have higher levels of self-esteem. Additionally, a straight smile is stronger, easier to clean, less likely to experience tooth wear, and it evenly distributes bite forces.


Do I need braces?

One of the most obvious symptoms of a malocclusion problem is having crooked teeth, a large overbite, or a large underbite. You may also feel that your teeth just don’t fit well together.


When should an orthodontic treatment begin?

Even though they don’t have all of their permanent teeth in yet, a child should receive their first orthodontic consultation at Payson Orthodontics when they are seven-years-old. Dr. Ben McDowell offers early treatment options in order to prevent more severe malocclusion issues from developing in the future. However, the most ideal age for orthodontic treatment is 12, when all of the permanent teeth have come in and are easier to move during this growing period.


Am I too old for braces?

Our orthodontist treats patients of all ages with braces. While there may be some treatments which we can only accomplish with surgery, most alignment problems can be fixed with orthodontics.


How does orthodontic treatment work?

The braces or aligners you wear will use gentle pressure forces to shift your teeth into a new position.


How long will my orthodontic treatment take?

The length of your treatment depends on the severity of your malocclusion problems and the type of braces you use. Orthodontic treatment typically lasts for 18–24 months.


Do braces hurt?

Your teeth may feel a little sore after you first receive braces and after your tightening appointments. However, this soreness is temporary and can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medication.


Do I still need to visit my dentist if I have braces?

Yes, in fact, visiting a dentist for regular checkups becomes even more important after an orthodontic treatment because your teeth are harder to clean while you wear braces.


Orthodontic Emergency Care

Our team at Payson Orthodontics understands how uncomfortable it is to have a broken wire or bracket, which is why we offer orthodontic emergency care. If you have a problem with your braces, then contact our orthodontist and team so we can quickly repair your braces. Call Dr. Ben McDowell if you need to receive orthodontic emergency care in Payson, Arizona.