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Straight teeth aren’t just important from an aesthetic point of view. Having straight teeth is an integral part of having great oral health. Crooked teeth can cause a ton of oral health problems that aren’t easy or pleasant to fix.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few reasons why our team here at Payson Orthodontics in Payson, Arizona, recommends you get your teeth straightened as quickly as possible.

Improves oral health

When your teeth aren’t straight, this creates a multitude of oral health problems. Crowded teeth are much harder to clean, which creates a veritable breeding ground for plaque and tartar. Left untreated, both of those issues can cause cavities, advanced tooth decay, and even gum disease. These are problems that are easily avoided once your teeth are straight and you’re brushing and flossing on a daily basis.

Better for jaw health

When your teeth aren’t straight, there’s a high chance your bite is misaligned. Seeing as you need your bite to work properly in order to eat, it’s likely your jaw will sustain some sort of damage if you neglect getting your bite aligned. This can lead to TMJ disorder and other jaw problems that, once again, are completely preventable and avoidable by simple straightening your teeth.

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